Friday, October 13, 2006

TV Remote Control

How did we ever survive without the TV remote control? This little electronic wonder has become the epitome of our society. Think about it. The TV remote control basically makes it more convenient to do something that is already supposed to be relaxing. That's rather funny. We always have to take it to that next level. Oh, but who's complaining.
Back when I was a young sprout, we didn't have a TV remote control. I know it sounds all to cliche, but it's true. Every parent has some, less than interesting tid-bit to share with their offspring about how things used to be. Well, this is the one I'm using on my child. How sorry she will feel for me when I tell her that I actually had to get up every time I wanted to change the channel. On the other hand, we only had three channels anyway.
When the TV remote control hit all the stores as a standard sidekick to the boob-tube, I for one, was very satisfied. This little device was too cool. I looked at my brothers and said, hey I want a remote control for everything. Well, these days it's possible. We have remote controls for our stereos, our DVD players, and our CD players. We even have remotes for our cars, allowing us to start them from inside the house. The funny thing about remote controls is they always get bigger. If you had a simple TV remote control, you now probably have one that works on the DVD player as well. Maybe even the stereo system. Yes, the TV remote control has certainly evolved with the times. No longer will we actually get off of our butts.
It's amazing when you think about it. The TV remote control is such a powerful device in the home. Everyone wants to have it. Take a look around your living room. The guy or girl holding the TV remote control is looking pretty satisfied, and probably noticing your intrigue with a certain program, but then switching it really quick satisfies them with a certain dominance. Who knew that a tool linked to entertainment could be so powerful. I know in my home that everyone wants that TV remote control. It separates the entertained from those who suffer through a program they most likely can't stand.
Regardless of your TV watching habits, it's safe to say that you do all of your channel surfing with a remote control. Whether it's equipped to handle all of your entertainment systems or just your television, its certainly a part of your daily life you'd rather not do without.