Thursday, October 05, 2006

Apple G4 Laptop

I admit it. I am hooked. I am hooked on my Apple G4 Laptop. First, you have to know this. It was my first Apple and my first laptop.
The Apple G4 laptop may have been all you will ever needed to buy in a computer. The G4 runs very fast so that you can play all the new games that require a lot of processor speed. Although for my Apple G4 laptop, I installed extra memory because I sometimes work with large documents.
This laptop is slick and compact with all the features you need. You can get the Apple G4 has a built in CD/DVD reader and CD writer. You can also add on a DVD writer. The Apple G4 laptop comes with a track pad that works very well even for a person like me with fat, clumsy fingers. But I have to tell you the truth. I like a mouse, which by the way, Apple invented. So, I plugged in a mouse to one of the two USB ports and now it performs exactly like my old desktop. The Apple G4 laptop keyboard has the feel of a desktop with all the function keys. Except the number keypad is integrated with the alphabet keys so you have to press a function key to get them to work as number input. This is annoying but it is the same as all laptops.
One other thing that is truly great about the Apple G4 laptop is the built-in speakers and microphone. You do not need to by a headset with the unit. I did add plug-in speakers for better music quality but it is not necessary and remember this. With the built-in microphone, you are instantly ready for web voice chat.
As with all Apples, the G4 laptop has automatic software updates from the Internet. Just hook up to the Net and it automatically calls home for updates. No checking the website, no figuring out what you need. The operating and installed apple software is updated automatically.
The LCD screen has great resolution and color quality and tilts to every position you need if you do decide to take with you off the desk. Also, the battery runs for at least three hours or more for normal no-sound applications.
The Apple G4 laptop is a neat, clean package that gives you both the feel and performance of the biggest desktop computer. You are sacrificing nothing but space to own this unit. .

But in saying all that I bet you are thinking what a bout power book pro ? Well they are just a whole nother article . Ad if you got the coin well a way more uptodate level of tec.