Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Diaries In MP3 Format

A diary is a key to the soul of a person filled with private thoughts and ideas that they rarely share with anyone. Many people find that writing in a diary helps them to be able to get through their feelings. It is a type of therapy that they rely upon in order to benefit from emotionally. It can help them to heal and it can help them to work through their problems on paper.

Many people have written down information about what is going on in history in their diaries as well. It is from them that historians have been able to gather so much information. There are diaries that talk about the life of being a slave, of a women during times when they weren’t allowed to have any rights, about being an Indian as the white men came into their world.

Many diaries have been able to offer an chronology of wars and even the Great Depression. During their writing these people never thought that they would be helping the rest of the world to be able to benefit from them. There are stories about those that served in war and what they saw each day. These can be frightening and vivid entries that really bring home what it meant to fight for the freedom of the country.

There are well known diaries from Presidents out there as well. On the exterior they appear to be cool and confident. However an inside look at their diary entries means that they were human as well. They had doubts and they worried about their families as well as the rest of society. President Lincoln knew his life was at risk in the weeks before he was killed according to the entries in his diary.

Many of these diaries become known publicly due to the families of the deceased. They want to be able to share all they learned from those writings. There are various procedures that take place to verify that a diary is indeed authentic and original. Some have been very good imitations and fakes but proven not to be legitimate works from those that they are claimed to be from.


Nashville is a town in Tennessee that gets plenty of attention due to it being the center of country music. People come from all over the world to visit what is known as Music City USA. It isn’t just country music artists that come here to record and perform though. Many rock and roll artists also love the musical influence that is found there. This is also home for many Christian music artists. Yet it is the country music genre that gets the majority of the publicity here.

Nashville is a huge place though and the second largest city in all of Tennessee. There are plenty of recording studios to be found as well as record companies. People from all over come to Nashville with big hopes and dreams. They think they can make it big if they can just get discovered in Nashville. Yet so many people have the same idea so it can be harder than it seems. Record companies get hundreds of demos daily and they just don’t have the time to listen to all of them.

Tourists will find there is plenty to see and do on a visit to Nashville. The most popular of them all is the Grand Ole Opry. It is a good idea to try to get tickets well in advance though. This way you won’t be disappointed when you arrive and can’t get in. There are different artists invited to perform there all the time so you have a good chance of seeing one of your favorites.

The Country Music Hall of Fame is also located in Nashville. For those that really enjoy country music, this is a place to make sure you dedicate a full day of time to. Since 1961 it has served as a place to honor those that have dedicated so much to the world of country music. This includes performers, writers, and producers. There are new members inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame each year during a wonderful ceremony.

One of the biggest country music events of the year takes place there each summer. Fan Fair draws more than 200,000 people each year. This event lasts for four days and there are plenty of top artists to perform. There are also autograph sessions and fans will wait in line all day long to meet their favorite country music stars.