Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Diazepam And It's Effect On Erection

Brand Name: Valium, Diastat
Medical Name: Diazepam
Type: Prescription
Parent Class: Benzodiazepine

Diazepam – How does it work?
Diazepam is a derivative of benzodiazepine and it works on GABA, a brain receptor. GABA is brain receptor which consists of certain subunits and inhibitory channels. GABA is mainly responsible for the excitability of the neurons. When the balances of the brain chemicals are disturbed, the neurons either become over-excited or in opposite case function slow than normal. When neurons are excited they cause anxiety disorders, agitation, and body shakeups. When slowed down, they cause insomnia and hallucinations. Diazepam works on the binding inhibitory channel of GABA and re-establishes the balances of these chemical levels. Diazepam works on cerebral cortex, the limbic systems, thalamus, and the hypothalamus. Diazepam also relaxes the muscles by inhibiting the polysynaptic trails in the spinal cord.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Generic Drug Regulations India Online

The Delhi High Court dispute
More recently, a petition has been filed by Bayer, a multinational pharmaceutical company, in which they have requested the court to ask DCGI and the Controller General of Patents to work collectively for the regulation of drugs. The dispute was raised when DCGI authorized Cipla, another big pharma of India, to market their anti-cancer drug which was similar to the Bayer’s. Bayer’s requested the court that such an authorization will encourage duplicity of drugs and would lower their market value significantly. The court made a decision in favor of Bayer and announced a statement according to which no drug can be granted a marketing authorization if its counter part, similar drug is already patented. The order was strongly criticized by pharmaceuticals as it disabled the process of patenting generic drugs before the patent of brand-name drug expires.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Where Can I Buy Phentermine Without Prescription

Obesity is now becoming a disease that most people want to get rid of as easily and as quickly as possible. For most people, weight loss medications are the only way to handle the problems of obesity. Among the medicines, Phentermine has been most popular and affective. Phentermine is a weight loss drug that has been around for the past 50 years. It has proved to be quite successful for short term weight loss and has mild side affects. How it works is by suppressing the appetite by targeting the central brain mechanism. In modern terms we call phentermine to be an appetite suppressant, something that controls a person from feeling hungry and gives the feeling of being full. It has to be taken under medical supervision, as those people who suffer from high blood pressure need to be checked for their ability to adapt to the medicine.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Generic and Trade and Drugs Names

When a drug is first discovered, it is given a chemical name according to its chemical composition and International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry rules. Since chemical names are usually very long and complicated, its not feasible for pharmacists and researchers to use those names. The complexity of chemical name makes it impractical to remember every drug name. A shorthand version of drug name is thus devised, or a code is given to the chemical name until it is presented to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and approved. FDA then decides a formal name for that drug, known as Generic Drug Name. Trade names are the names chosen by the manufacturing company and are usually easier to remember.