Thursday, October 26, 2006

iriver MP3 Player


I've never been the kind of person to buy something just to follow along with the crowd. I like to do my own thing and create my own style without ever worrying or caring about what others might think. That's why when I wanted to buy a device to play my digital music files, I never even considered getting an iPod. Instead, I wanted to get a completely different product, such as an iriver MP3 player.
I had heard a little bit about iriver MP3 players before, but not to the extent that I'd heard about iPods. So I couldn't just go right out and grab the first iriver MP3 player I came across. I wanted to check out other brands too in order to make sure I was getting the best device for my money. I asked around, but most of my friends had iPods, so they weren't much help. I then went into a local electronics store to look at the iriver MP3 players they had in stock and to ask one of the employees about the products. If you've ever tried getting any informed answers from a store clerk, then you can probably guess how my fact-finding mission went.
So I decided to go straight to the company's homepage and find out about iriver MP3 players that way. The website had detailed information about every iriver MP3 player on the market, and I was able to compare the features and functions with other digital music devices. I found pricing information on the most popular iriver MP3 players as well. Then, I browsed through some user forums to see what iriver MP3 player owners had to say about the products because they would of course be the best judges of all. I found that most of the comments pertaining to the Audio Jukebox line and the new Clix models were very favorable, so I decided to go ahead and buy an iriver MP3 player.
In the end, I was able to purchase one of the latest iriver MP3 players, complete with flash memory, a 20GB capacity, full color screen, and even some free games from a discount website for a very low price. I was also able to get free shipping on my new iriver MP3 player, which was another bonus.
Now that I have an iriver MP3 player, I never go anywhere without it. It works flawlessly and really gets a lot of attention from other people simply by virtue of not being an iPod. As someone that likes to stand out from the crowd, I couldn't ask for anything more!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Christian Christmas Gifts Ipod Fits Perfectly

Your Christmas gift list is likely to be full of Christians! If you're looking for a gift which emphasizes the Christian beliefs and meanings of Christmas, you're looking for a Christian Christmas gift as differentiated from a commercial indulgence or fancy electronic gadget. You want your gift to be meaningful to the devout Christian. Perhaps this sounds difficult, but in fact there are many delightful possibilities.
The spirit of Christmas is embodied by caring, giving, hope, peace on earth and love for your fellow man. Following these premises of Christian life, there are dozens of Christian Christmas gifts you may give with love and pleasure to friends. Let's take a look at just a dozen possibilities.
In the essential spirit of a Christian Christmas gift, gifts of food, clothes and toys donated to the poor and suffering in the community, in your recipient's honor is sure to be treasured.
Religiously-oriented books are well-received in Christian households. A Concordance allows you to find Bible passages and definitions and occurrences of words and phrases through an index format, making an ideal gift for those who frequently read the Bible, or teach classes. A history of Christianity is a good gift for a theological student, young and old alike. There are also many prayer books with diverse prayers for different occasions, designed to help the Christian surmount the problems and embrace the joys of life. Books by Thomas Merton and Evelyn Underhill also make beautiful gifts. Catholics often enjoy reading books on the lives of Saints, which endeavor to show how these people embodied Christian principles throughout their lives. Finally, an illustrated first Bible for a child is always a thoughtful gift, affording hours of reading pleasure and a child's first understanding of their family faith.
For a universally appealing Christian Christmas gift, a cross on a pendant, ring or earrings make a keepsake gift, for children and adults alike. Children especially cherish rings, which make them feel a special, personal attachment to Jesus.
Catholics love Rosary beads, as they contemplate on Jesus life when saying the Rosary. Catholic websites have a huge selection of beautiful Rosarys. You might also visit the Lourdes and Vatican websites.
Other ideas encapsulating the Christian Christmas gift theme include Nativity scenes, ornaments and wall hangings, statuary, Angel ornaments and decorations, framed art and stained glass replicas of Church windows. Finally, classical or ethnic Christmas music, such as Handel's Messiah make good Christian Christmas gifts.
Be sensitive to your recipients' Christian denomination, as various denominations gear books, music, jewelry design and other selections to individual practices of that denomination. Look online for Christian sites to find many other Christian Christmas gift ideas. And a very Merry Christmas to you!