Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Jogging Stroller (i use my ipod with it )

I used to be one of those very lucky people that never seemed to have a problem with their weight. I could pretty much eat anything I wanted and not gain a pound thanks to my great metabolism and relatively active lifestyle. Unfortunately, everything changed for me once I had a baby. I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy, and then had trouble taking it off afterwards because I opted to quit my full-time job in order to raise my child. I was now sitting around more than ever, and had neither the time nor the motivation to go out to a health club to exercise. That's when a friend suggested I get a jogging stroller.
A jogging stroller would allow me to exercise while keeping my baby with me. One of the biggest problems I faced was trying to find a sitter for an hour or two so that I could go to the gym. With a jogging stroller, I would never have to worry about that again -- nor would I be able to use the babysitting situation as an excuse not to exercise. It seemed as though this kind of product would be an excellent aid in my weight loss battle.
I went to the store that very same day and was completely overwhelmed by all the choices in front of me. I had no idea that there were so many different styles of jogging strollers available. I couldn't make a decision on the spot because I didn't know which features I would absolutely need in a jogging stroller and which were negligible. I would have to do some research before making my purchase.
After I returned home, I started searching for jogging stroller reviews online. I'd been buying baby products for a while, so I knew that there was a wealth of information about every imaginable baby-related item on the Internet. As I expected, I soon found numerous websites that contained unbiased jogging stroller reviews from regular consumers. I was able to read about the experiences of people just like me as they put their jogging strollers through the paces. I found the information I needed in order to make a sound decision, and I felt I was ready to buy. A couple of mouse clicks later, I was on a website that specialized in discount baby products. I quickly found the jogging stroller I wanted and I placed my order.
Now that I've got a jogging stroller, I'm able to go out for a morning run with my baby every single day. This new routine has been great for both of us. My son enjoys riding in the jogging stroller and taking in the view around him, while I've been getting back on track to a healthy weight. The pounds have been steadily coming off, I'm bonding with my baby, and I feel absolutely fantastic! Who knew that a jogging stroller could do this much for me?