Sunday, February 13, 2011

Electronic Cigarettes Distributor

Smoking cigarettes isn’t cheap and because they are deemed and indeed proven to be harmful to health, cigarettes are an obvious target for price increases and over the last few years the cost for a smoker has risen dramatically. What about the new electronic cigarette that everyone is talking about? How do they hold in terms of price, against standard cigarettes?

Pretty well it would seem! Manufacturers and especially some distributors claim that smoking electronic cigarettes is significantly more afforadable than smoking tobacco cigarettes. Some estimate that it could be as much as 80% cheaper to be an e cig smoker. There is no doubt about it, if that is true, then it is a massive saving and leaves the tobacco industry more than a little embarrassed.

One such online electronic cigarette distributor has an e cig price comparison graph that works out how much it would cost to smoke regular cigarettes as opposted to their product. They calculate that if you are a smoker who smokes forty a day, then you could save as much three and a half thousand pounds by switching to the e cigarette.