Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cigarette Outlets

New technology has replaced old technology every where in the world. In the same way the old tobacco cigarettes have been replaced by new top-rated Electronic cigarettes having their own advantages and disadvantages.

electronic cigarettes in storesNow you will probably ask what in world an electronic cigarette is. The electronic cigarettes or e-cigs are the latest replacements for the old smoking tools. It burns the liquid nicotine which is found in a cartridge with the help of some battery device or power source and turns it into smoke which is breathed in by the user. Thus it gives one’s body the quantity of nicotine it needs, with the good ol’ flavor of tobacco. It is not only just safe but also advantageous as it does not carry the side effects which are the inevitable parts of normal tobacco products.
But the question is which the top-rated e-cigarette is? There are many brands in the market these days. Here we will give you an overview of these numerous brands.

One type of e-cigarettes is the pen style. Although it is bulkier but it is very less exacerbating and up keeping for the user as it has larger cartridges which will not need changing often with neutralizer which means little burning taste. The companies like SmartFixx, Njoy, Ruyan, MyEcig, UK’s Smokester site are the top rated electronic cigarette manufacturer. Their shipping service is really quick and they do not cost much either.