Sunday, July 12, 2009

Diazepam Purchase

Diazepam has a long history of use going back to the late 1950’s when it was first discovered and patented by Roche under the brand name of Valium. With the patent running out decades ago generic valium (diazepam) is manufactured by many different companies’ now marketed under twenty to thirty different generic brand names. Many people get confused with the brand name and the actual ingredient in the drug that makes it work. In this case valium is the original brand name and diazepam is the active ingredient in the brand product and all other generic named products. The best way to search for diazepam online is to simply Google search “Buy diazepam online without prescription” or “Buy diazepam with prescription”. This will return many searches but normally browsing through the first ten results you will find an online pharmacy that will sell you a diazepam purchase with or without a prescription. Online pharmacies will only sell you a three months supply for personaluse and it normally arrives within seven to fourteen days by direct mail. Most packages arrive by registered post and have to be signed for.