Sunday, July 19, 2009

Community Health and IV Therapy Articles

Intravenous therapy or IV therapy is giving the fluid to a patient directly by injecting the fluid into the veins. It can be intermittent or continuous. The continuous transmission of the fluid is called IV drip. Usually pharmaceuticals are responsible for IV therapies. There are certain Intravenous access devices like Needle and syringe, Peripheral IV lines, Central IV lines that include peripherally inserted central catheter, Central venous lines and implantable ports. There is a string relation between IV therapy and community health. The nurses who are trained and equipped with community health nursing skills are required to have a first hand knowledge about IV therapy and the devices associated with it. Usually the patients who are elderly or little children who suffer from such diseases in which they need glucose or blood, are required to be given respective fluid with the help of IV therapy. There are devices on which you can put a label of the patients name, bed number, diseases from which he is suffering and the day of discharge.