Thursday, November 16, 2006

Party Favours

When we host a party, it's customary to express our gratitude to our guests for attending, with a party favor. Party favors provide a way to give your guests a memento to mark the occasion with fond memories. Party favors need not be expensive or elaborate, simply thoughtful and appropriate to the occasion. Party favors offer you the opportunity to fix the celebration with a cheerful remembrance.

One advantage of party favors is that they may be made well in advance of the occasion. Which is a good thing. They can take some time to plan, collect materials and put them together.

Use your imagination! Let the occasion be your guide in choosing a theme, colors and container type. Once you've settled on your theme and container, consider the contents. What will be most meaningful to your guests? What will say “Thank You” most effectively?

You'll want a convenient container your guest can carry away incognito, something light yet memorable. Paper bags can be glorified to the Nth degree, coated with a holographic image, glitzed with shiny or homespun effects, a matte country effect or a shiny New York City lights demonstration.

A visit to a party store should be your first stop. Party stores rule when it comes to party favors. There are containers galore, from cute little baskets to glitzy bags. Party stores also carry all the fillers and adornments you could hope for to help you create an artistic piece of which you can be proud.

Craft stores should be your second stop. Craft stores stock dried flowers, holiday and seasonal ornaments and theme-oriented items to suit the most obscure type of celebration. It's worth your time to browse the aisles. You'll never leave a craft store empty of ideas!

Whether your choice is basket or bag, you need a filler with punch. Look for raffia, shredded paper or tissue to line the container. If your party is a wedding celebration, look for metallics. Cinco de Mayo demands bright colors. Your niece's acceptance to Julliard could be thoughtfully made with a theme of music sheets. Your sister's baby shower may include diaper pins and ballerina t-shirts. Your daughter's graduation party may prompt party favors that include pens and journals to mark the academic achievements.

For a new and terrific wedding party favor idea, try this: Take lots of pictures as the wedding reception begins. You can get the pictures developed during the reception. By the time your guests are leaving, you can present each guest with little mini-albums containing pictures of the festivities.

The scope of party favors is limited only by your imagination. Handmade thank-you notes and decorative items from the party also make popular and successful party favors.

If your budget is strict, concentrate on meaning in your message. It doesn't take a lot of dollars to convey your love and appreciation. Just a little thought and your robust imagination.