Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ipod Accessories

Last holiday season, Apple Ipods were all the rage in terms of the newest & hippest electronic gadgets; everybody wanted one, and many people gave one. Parents rushed to the stores through out the shopping season to snag the newest sizes and the hottest colors, before they were sold out. Upon returning to school from their winter breaks, teens could be seen through out the school hallways bopping their heads along to the song of the moment that they had just downloaded from their computer. Bridging generations, the sale and use of Ipods even managed to stretch beyond the teeny boppers, as adults of all ages wore these new gadgets to the gym, in the aisles of the grocery store, and when taking the train to work.
As the 2005 Holiday season drew ever closer, many people waited patiently for the gift giving experts to announce the best idea and the hottest electronic gifts of the season. Yet with the abundance of Ipods that went out just one year ago, it makes sense that this year, to accompany those Ipods, everyone is asking for Ipod accessories.
Just as a purse may come with a wallet, and sunglasses come with a case…there is a long list of Ipod accessories that are arguably more in demand than even the Ipod was last year. With prices for these Ipod Accessories ranging anywhere from $29 on the low end, for an armband to go with the new Nano, all the way up to $500 on the high end, for sound insulating earphones, there is no doubt that wallets will be stretched thin again this year as parents try to answer to their children’s Christmas lists.
Many of these Ipod Accessories will satisfy the recipient who is looking for the latest in music technology, as Apple offers up Bose Speakers, docking centers and car kits for the Apple Ipod. For those of you more interested in high fashion, there is even a line of protective cases designed by Kate Spade to indulge even the trendiest person on your list.
Shopping for Ipod Accessories this year may in fact make gift giving for some that much easier as almost any of the accessories will not only be high on the wish list, but will surely score the gift giver points with the recipient. The only warning I can give you as you hit the electronics section of your favorite department store, or begin browsing on the internet in search of these items…make sure you buy the right size. Between the Ipod, Mini, Nano and Shuffle, you quickly may become just as disoriented as if you were ordering from the drive thru window for all those 7-year olds that you cram into the back of your mini-van after a soccer game.